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Need help deciding which way to go?

Keep in mind, copper dies are generally manufactured and shipped the same day. Brass dies typically require 2 - 3 days for manufacturing. In addition, copper dies are priced based on square inches, and brass dies are priced based on degree of detail and die styles required.

Copper Dies

  • Most generally, all Foil Stamping dies are made from copper.
  • Single level Emboss or Deboss dies with no raised round areas are made from copper.
  • Double-Etch or Micro-Etch foil stamping dies are made from copper.

Brass Dies

  • If your die requires any raised round effect.
  • Any die requiring multiple levels.
  • A die that foil stamps and Embosses in one pass, referred to as a combo die, must be in brass.
  • If your emboss die specifies a bevel other than about 35 degrees, then brass allows you to determine any specific bevel.