Epoxy Glass Board MR-001/ MR-002/ MR-003/ MR-004

An extremely hard, durable and smooth board that is used as a base board for flat stamping. Epoxy board has the ability to help the customer foil stamp fine detail area because it is hard and stops the die from pushing too far in to the make ready. This board is the same base board that we make counters out of. It is durable, so easily reused in addition to being very consistent in its thickness, makes this a “go to” board for customers.

It is available in 2 sheet sizes: 24x24 and 28x40. Each sheet size is available in .030 and .060 thickness. Most customers running smaller presses will go for the .030, but if they use a lot of pressure, they may choose the .060

MR-001  24x24x.030 Epoxy Glass Board     1 sheet     $20.00

MR-002  28x40x.030 Epoxy Glass Board     1 sheet     $40.19

MR-003  24x24x.060 Epoxy Glass Board     1 sheet     $25.80

MR-004  28x40x.060 Epoxy Glass Board     1 sheet     $51.84


Embossing Film MR-005

This is a roll of virgin polyester film that the customer would buy in a roll form from us. We sell a roll that is 25”x1000’. This is used for embossing jobs to provide a layer of protection between the die and the paper. The purpose of this would be to eliminate the transfer of offset powder from the sheet to the die, or in the case of embossing with heat, it would help decrease the reactivation of the ink on the sheet which if heated up enough would become sticky and tend to offset on the die.

Embossing film is set up and run just like a foil would run. It needs to be constantly advanced, like foil, but only a small amount needs to be pulled per image.

MR-005 25”x1000’ Embossing Film (12 micron film)     1 roll      $45.00


Release Film MR-006

This too is virgin polyester film that is sold in a smaller roll than embossing film. The roll size for this is 25”x100’. The main purpose of release film is for those customers who are making their own counter on press. Release film would be laid over the counter mixture as it is closed up into the die. This serves to be able to keep the counter material from forming in the cavity of the die.

MR-006 25”x100’ Release Film (12 micron film)     1 roll      $15.00


DuploFlex MR-007

This two sided tape is an industry standard for adhering the pre-made counter to the floating make ready sheet or directly to the platen. The features of this tape is that it is made on a very thin film base, which makes it much more durable than double sided tape made on a paper base. In addition, the coatings are very thin, to minimize extra compression during the run. At the same time, the adhesive is extremely durable and capable of lasting for very long runs without losing grip. Lastly, the tape is peeled off the platen and counter without leaving a lot of sticky residue that many tapes do.

MR-007 1’x15’ DuploFlex 2 sided tape     1 roll      $32.00


Tuff Film MR-008

We refer to Tuff Film as a self-leveling make ready product. This is a rubbery sheet that is .015 that would go under the Epoxy Glass Board for flat stamping. The advantage of this is that it helps add pressure in areas that need extra pressure while not added excessive pressure in areas that already stamp well. In many cases, when the customers make ready is close to acceptable, adding the Tuff Film under the counter board will attain the desired pressure in a fraction of the time of doing spot make ready.

Tuff Film can also be used over top of the counter during embossing to help increase the “Pop” of the embossed effect.

MR-008 1’x3’x.015 Tuff Film     1 sheet      $16.00