Copper Calculator

When using the copper calculator please do calculations for only 1 type of die at a time.
Example: All foil stamp dies, then all emboss dies, then all deboss dies.
Be sure to reset the calculator after each type of die that you price.

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum die dimensions are 2.00 inches by 3.00 inches. You MUST enter your current price per square inch for proper job costing.

  Overall Length: Overall Width:
Die #1
Die #2
Die #3
Die #4
Die #5
  Enter Current Per Square Inch Price*: $
  Your Total Cost: $

** The Copper Calculator assumes 1/4-inch Copper Foil dies or Emboss/Deboss dies. Calculator will automatically add the required 1/4" dead metal space to all 4 sides when computing die cost.

* If you do not have an active account please contact us for pricing.